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Sporting activities

Come and discover this sport which combines strong sensations and good humor in a preserved natural environment. You will evolve in complete safety and well equipped: neoprene wetsuit and socks, helmets and harnesses to CE standards. On the program: natural slides, abseiling on rope, handrails, small jumps, swimming in the torrent ...

Come and climb on basalt columns, fitted out as part of a departmental plan. It is historically the first equipped climbing site in Cantal.
It rises to a height of 20 m.
You can easily learn to climb and go on a family outing!

A privileged location, in a still preserved area, the school is located at the foot of the Haut-Cantal flight sites: Chabraire, Niermont, Puy-Mary, Puy de la Tourte ... 100 to 700 meters of vertical drop and all orientations! Our sites are ideal for safe learning and practice of free flight. Takeoffs and landings are clear, with healthy aerology, and low attendance.

In the green jungle of Lioran, 9 tree-to-tree courses bringing emotion and sensation, accessible to everyone from 3 years old. Evolve in complete safety in a forest remarkable for its flora and the beauty of the site
- 4 children's courses with 50 activities (zip lines, footbridges, monkey bridges, Tarzan jumps, etc.). 1st level from 3 years old. The routes are accessible according to age and size. Children are supervised by their companions.
- 5 junior / adult courses with 60 activities, scalable in height and difficulty. The Discovery Trail is accessible to everyone (from 1m40).
Reservation strongly recommended.

The Nordic Area of ​​Haut Cantal Puy Mary offers in the municipalities of Claux and Lavigerie 50 kilometers of marked cross-country ski trails, secured and traced for the "alternative" step and the "skater" step on three entrance gates: the Col de Serre and Lascourt. A connecting track connects the two entrance doors. There is a multi-activity track at the entrance to Col de Serre: snowshoes, pedestrians, ski touring.

Cultural Heritage

Pure 12th century Auvergne Romanesque style, it has a formerly fortified bell tower, 30 capitals with various themes: pagan, symbolic or Christian. Located in the heart of Riom-ès-Montagnes, it can be visited freely every day, with a closing between 12 p.m. and 2 p.m.

The Barajol Viaduct, also known as the "Dry Moon Viaduct", is a gigantic and daring work of art allowing you to cross the Petite Rhue valley. Genius of technicians, it is a jewel of railway architecture and one of the attractions of the Gentiane Express tourist train route. With a length of 317 meters and a height of 57 meters, resting on twelve arches, it is listed in the inventory of Historical Monuments.

A castle built between 1470 and 1510, very characteristic of Haute-Auvergne architecture, it retains all of its stronghold attributes intact today: tower, rampart walk, watchtowers. Inhabited by the same family since the 15th century, you will be welcomed into a living house where you can visit its lounges and furniture. “One of the most beautiful castles in Cantal”.

In a typical Auvergne barn dating from the 17th century, discover the universe of the Salers cow and its products. Touch screens and short films (climb in the summer pastures and sale of a bull of the racial authorities) punctuate the visit lasting 1h30, which ends with a tasting of local products: salers beef-based charcuterie, two cheeses 100% Salers cow's milk, sweet biscuits and local spirits. The products offered for tasting are available in our shop. During the summer, share a family moment with our treasure hunts every Wednesday. Temporary exhibitions of artists throughout the year

Gourmet heritage

The Pays Gentiane is a territory rich in PDO cheeses, in fact there are 4 PDOs out of the 5 referenced in the Auvergne region: Cantal, Salers, Saint-Nectaire and Bleu, of which Riom-ès-Montagnes is the capital city.

The yellow gentian (Gentiana Lutea) is the emblematic flower of the Gentian Country, which bears its name. Perfectly recognizable with its flowers in the shape of yellow pompoms, it populates the estives of Cantal. Its most widespread use concerns the manufacture of aperitifs. Gentian roots, also called rhizomes, are used for the preparation of these alcohols.

The Salers cow with its beautiful mahogany dress and lyre-shaped horns is one of the most common cows in the Cantal Mountains. Today mainly used in the lactation system, it is a so-called mixed breed. She makes good milk but also very good meat. Salers meat has benefited from the Red label since 2004, a guarantee of quality.